Engage 2018

Three Regions, Twelve Months, Thirty Four Events, One Winner!

A 2018 points circuit linking all of California through three unique event series. AFKgg, Club One Casino, R3, and the team from Busters & Bandits are joining together to run 33 official events, one in each region from January to November. The top 8 points leaders will win Free Red Bull, Merch, free venue for the series finale, No Limit Dec 1-2, 2018! Now including two quarterly events hosted in Fresno!

How are Points Assigned?

There are three levels of events where points can be acquired: Quarterly, Monthly, and Community.

All events will pull from a regional based monthly points pool (regions are based on physical distance). The size of the regions available points pool is based on the regions overall activity. Each event submitted will have the same amount of points available from their respective pool based on the number of events included in their region. The Quarterlies and Monthlies will both have substantial bonus points added as extra incentive to attend the officially included events. 

Points for each event will be distributed to the top 8 placements. All distributions are based on a percentage of an events available points. Distributions are as follows: 1st 40%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th 8%, 5th 4% Each, and 7th 2% each.

Want your Community Event included?

For your Project M event to be included it must have been run on / after Jan 1st 2018 and be submitted to the following form on a per event basis: https://goo.gl/vkR2Gs

Where are the Leader Boards?

The leaderboards will be available here in February 2018.